Historical Photo Archive

Welcome to the Massena Center Historical Photo Archives.  Our archives cover all photos related to the history of Massena, and not just the Hamlet of Massena Center.  These various collections have been gathered from various sources, from random websites to shared collections on social media.  We try and give credit where credit is due, but please accept our apologizes for anything that isn’t properly tagged, and feel free to contact us about correcting such issues.

The Massena Center Suspension Bridge

Built in 1910 the historical Massena Center Suspension Bridge was built by locally born native Holton Duncan Robinson.  The unique single lane suspension bridge serviced the community for nearly half a century before becoming obsolete, thanks to the construction of a modern bridge just upriver.  Robinson by the time of his death in 1945 was considered to be a world renowned bridge engineer who specialized in suspension bridges.  He took time in his early career to help his home town design and eventually even build the bridge for the people of Massena Center and Massena Point.

The Margosian Collection

Thanks to Levan Margosian who shared the following collection to the Memories of Massena Facebook Group.  The collection is split into two separate galleries, the first featuring early 20th century images of Downtown Massena, and the second showing early 20th century images of Alcoa’s operations here in Massena.

The Goodspeed Collection

Thanks to Blane & Meg Goodspeed for sharing the following massive collection on the Memories of Massena Facebook Group.  This collection was contained in multiple PowerPoint presentations, which we here at the MC page worked on extracting and converting into regular images.  This collection focuses primarily on Alcoa, the Massena Power Canal, and the neighborhood constructed for its workers, Pine Grove, and features pictures from the late 19th century and early 20th century.