Eye On The Center

Our Virtual Museum

While we had a website a few years ago several clerical errors caused the previous site to go *poof* out of existence, so we’ve been working hard this past winter to rebuild and build it greater than ever. So while our virtual museum is currently small, we hope to slowly expand it as a central location for all things historical in Massena, not just about the Center.

At this time we have a few exhibits available. There are now three books available in our Book Section. So far the books we are featuring are public domain pieces such as The Massena Story which is a lovely short guide to the entire history of Massena. Our other two are copies of The Billion Dollar Story, a booklet produced by the New York Power Authority on the St. Lawrence Seaway & Power Project. These two books date right around the opening of the Seaway. The first is actually dated from 1957 which would put it published near the end of construction, and then the second is the next year after the Seaway opened in 1958.

We hope to expand on that section further, along with listing other books related to Massena.

Our Historical Photo Archive is filled with various historical pictures that have been shared online (via Memories of Massena on Facebook). We are working on publishing more collections as time goes on.

The Robinson Bridge Project

At the moment the Massena Central Historical Society is looking into placing the Robinson Suspension Bridge on the National Registry of Historical Sites.

While many folks might just see an old bridge, what Massena actually has is a very unique and historical bridge, designed and built by our native son Dr. Holton Duncan Robinson who was born and raised at Massena Center. The bridge itself is unique standing as only one or two miniature single lane bridges ever built. The superstructure itself also features unique engineering designs which are only found on other Robinson bridges.

Last Updated: 03/17/2021