Preservation Society

Under Construction.

The Massena Center Preservation Society (formally Historical Society) is a group of local residents dedicated to preserving our town’s history, more so when it involves our Hamlet. Are primary project at this time is the Robinson Bridge in Massena Center. The bridge is now 111 years old and been closed to vehicular traffic since the 1970s, and foot traffic since 1989. It is built by the renowned suspension bridge engineer Holton D. Robinson who was born and raised right here in Massena Center. He personally designed the bridge and when a cost efficient contractor could not be found to build it, Robinson personally stepped in himself.

The bridge is literally one of a kind. It is the only small scale single lane suspension bridge in the entire country. It also uses several rarely used engineering techniques in its design.

Several years ago thanks to the help of Town Councilor Sam Carbone, the Town of Massena, and the William C. Pomeroy Foundation a historical marker was placed at the north side approach. Our goal is to advance the structure to a historical status to open up possible reconstruction grants and eventually to rehabilitate the bridge to reopen for recreational use.